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Learn and grow in our all-outdoor, immersive Forest Preschool, set in an open-air classroom of meadows, streams, and forest trails.

Now with two locations in Croton and Mt Kisco, our year-round Forest Preschool encourages kids 3-5 to build connections to the land and each other. Our teachers aren't just great preschool educators, they're also trained naturalists ready to help students explore the outdoors 100% of every day through games, learning activities, adventures and age-appropriate fun!


In Forest Preschool, learning happens naturally! Math is used to count gallons of maple syrup or measure sticks for our shelter; literacy skills develop through storytelling and reading activities. But our program also helps children learn key emotional and social skills. Our graduates go on to larger groups or indoor classroom settings with innate self-awareness and self-confidence, and with great communication and teamwork skills.

Our program runs at two beautiful locations, Brinton Brook Sanctuary in Croton-on-Hudson, and Marsh Sanctuary in Mt Kisco - each with over 150 acres of meadows, ponds, boulders, and wooded trails to explore throughout the year. At each site a tent provides light cover from rainy weather and ventilation on all four sides; under this tent is our outdoor "classroom" with sit stumps, books and toys, and a central fire, where the day begins and ends.

climb  •  explore  •   collaborate  •  fish  •  play  •   build  •   experiment  •  touch  •  taste   •    discover  •  compare  •  tell stories  •  create stories  •  make friends

Staff Our teachers aren't just great preschool educators, they are also trained naturalists with an unwavering passion for the outdoors! In addition to passing a background check and being COVID-vaccinated, our staff is fully trained in safety and first aid, teaching techniques, naturalist skills and ancestral crafts.

Teaching Philosophy The outdoors can be unpredictable, and that is what makes it the perfect learning environment for young kids. Our teachers utilize Coyote Mentoring to encourage students to make their own discoveries and learn from their own experiences. Instead of relying on adults to introduce them to the world, they discover it themselves through hands-on exploration and gentle, leading questions - so they can dive deep and walk away excited. 

Example Morning Session

9:15  Freeplay Staff lead students in a bird-beak game.

9:30  Snack and Story Kids sit on tree stumps in our outdoor classroom and eat snack while listening to a story about bird nests. 

9:45  Adventure Group outing to build bird nests in grove of small trees away from tent, with opportunities to play along the way.

11:30  Snack and Story Kids return to tent for a second snack, and story about bird migration.

11:45  Freeplay Kids play freely, often inspired by the day's events.

12:00  Parent Pickup Teachers greet parents and share stories of the day.

Please download our most recent Parent Guide for full program details and to begin the registration process for the 2022-23 school year.


Summer Forest Preschool August 
Aug 1 - Aug 19

Session Times:

Morning (9:15-12:00) or Afternoon (1:00-3:45)


Morning: (Available)

All 5 days a week (Monday - Friday)

3 days a week (Mon, Wed, Fri)

or 2 days a week (Tues, Thurs)


Afternoon: (Available)

2 days a week (Tues, Thurs)

Marsh Sanctuary, Mt. Kisco


2022 - 2023 Forest Preschool
Sept 2022 - June 2023

Session Times:

Morning (9:15-12:00) or Afternoon (1:00-3:45)


Registration Options:

All 5 days a week (Monday - Friday)

3 days a week (Mon, Wed, Fri)

or 2 days a week (Tues, Thurs)


If you'd be interested in the 2022-2023 school year for Forest Preschool, complete the survey below for interested preschool parents and we will reach out to you!

Marsh Sanctuary, Mt. Kisco or

Brinton Brook Sanctuary, Croton-On-Hudson

Tuition We offer three options for registration: two days (Tuesdays & Thursdays); three days (Mondays, Wednesdays & Fridays); or five days a week (Monday-Friday). Tuition is billed monthly at $336, $504, or $780, for a total of $3360, $5040, or $7800, respectively. New families are also billed a one-time $200 onboarding fee.  (This fee is waived for continuing preschool families, or if you are a Wildlings family that registers by May 1.)

Registration Priority registration is given to registrants of our five-day program. If spots remain in our five-day program after April 1, 2022, we will begin accepting registrations for two and three days a week. To reserve a spot, email us at info@rewildingschool.com with your preferred location (Mt Kisco or Croton), the age of your child, and whether he or she is potty trained and comfortable wearing a mask. Our team will help guide you through the registration process and can also arrange a site visit for your family.


What People Say

"He always enjoyed the outdoors, but now … when we're out together, it's almost like he's being my guide. It feels more like he stepped into the outdoors and it's his home!"