Our programs are specially designed by NY State Licensed naturalists and primitive skills instructors to inspire, educate, and connect students with the natural world...and one another.

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Learning the Land

Wild Food Foraging

Have you ever wanted to live off the land?  Learn which wild plants, mushrooms, and common garden weeds are edible or even medicinal. Find different flavors in different seasons.

One to two hour class. All Ages

Wilderness Weekend

Whether you are looking for a guided weekend away from the rigors of everyday life or looking to test your mettle on a minimalist survival weekend, we have a program for you. Eric is a licensed New York State guide and can customize a trip to meet your needs and skill level.


All Ages

Animal Tracking

The ultimate connection to the world is to see not what is there, but what was and what could be. Learn to read the signs left by the land through footprints, scat, bites, chews, and scraps left behind. This program is best when done as a series through many seasons, but can also be done as a one-off.


All Ages

Bushcraft Skills

Care and Use of a Woods Knife

Whether its your grandfather's old whittler or a brand new custom bushcraft blade, the same principles of safety and care apply. Learn how to safely use your knife to do a number of bushcraft tasks, and how to maintain it for years to come.

Friction Fire

Rubbing two sticks together makes fire.  It's no myth, but it does take a certain amount of practice to get right. Make your own friction fire kit and learn how to create fire just like our ancestors did.

Spoon Carving

Turn a tree branch into spoon of your own design for soup, cereal, or serving. No carving experience necessary; basic knife safety will be taught as part of the class.

Axe Hafting

They don't make them like they used to!  Most axes today won't stay sharp and certainly aren't up to the tasks that our grandfathers would have used them for. In this four-hour class, you will take a vintage American axe head and bring it back to life with a new handle and restored, sharp edge.


Additional material fees apply.

Intro to Leathercraft

Leather can be a daunting material to work with, but it can also be a joy! Learn how to craft a simple leather belt pouch or shoulder bag by sewing with your own hands.  Learn the stitches, tools, and techniques to make a useful and durable woods bag.  


Additional material fees apply.


Nature Connection mentoring

For kids and adults who cannot get enough of the outside world and would like someone to guide them on their path of nature connection. These weekly outdoor sessions are custom designed for the mentoree and his/her capabilities and interests in mind.  


All Ages

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