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Social Media and Administrative Assistant


Start Date: April 15, 2024


Time Commitment: 35-40 hours/week Tuesdays-Saturdays

Organization Description:

The Rewilding School connects both kids and adults to the natural world through hands-on natural living skills. Our schedule runs year-round including summer day programs, forest preschool, homeschool classes, after school classes, adult workshops, and birthday parties. Classes are taught through partnerships with land conservation organizations to a wide audience including families, preschoolers, school-age kids, teens, and adults. 


Position Description:

The Rewilding School is seeking a confident, experienced, adaptable, and creative assistant to virtually support the administrative team, handle daily administrative duties, customer service duties, as well as have a dedicated hand in editing content for and assisting in our social media presence. This is a fully remote position.


We are looking for a reliable communicator who can work both independently and collaboratively, who is task-oriented, detail-oriented, and eager to learn and grow with the company. This position will play a critical role in the day-to-day functioning of the organization and would need to work closely with, and under the supervision of both the Administrative Director and the Media Director.


The ideal candidate must have prior experience working both in an administrative assistant role and in managing a social media account professionally. . They must be able to manage communication both internally and with clients and customers. Written communication skills and a professional demeanor required. The Rewilding School has many different programs with overlapping requirements, so the ability to multi-task is necessary.


Essential Skills:

  • Strong Communication Skills- Applicants must be able to clearly communicate information via email, phone, newsletters, video, and social media posts.  

  • Resourcefulness - Applicants must be able to solve problems and answer customer questions from available resources.

  • Customer Service - Handle inquiries from customers kindly, efficiently, and in a way that supports the mission of the organization.

  • Platform Awareness - It is expected that applicants are well versed in tiktok, instagram, facebook, and other social media platforms and the basic features of each platform.

  • Creative Mindset - This position requires creation of videos, articles, and other narratives.

  • Video Editing - Must be able to edit social media videos under guidance from the Media Director

  • Attention to Detail - Must ensure that communications are error free and adhere to communication guidelines

  • A background check is required for employment.


Required Experience:

  • Adobe Premiere Video Editing -  1 year 

  • Administrative Work - 1 year (work as administrative assistant, front desk, or receptionist preferred)

  • G-Suite - 2 years (must include extensive google drive organization)

  • Adobe Acrobat - 1 year

  • Brand Management - 1 year

  • Knowledge of Westchester County, NY and the various communities in the county


Recommended Skills:

  • Experience or interest in the outdoors

  • A passion for storytelling, creativity, or artistic expression

  • A working knowledge of Westchester County, New York and the various communities in and around the area


Job Responsibilities:

This position works closely with the Administrative Team to complete tasks as assigned. Under guidance of the Administrative Director and Media Director, the Assistant would work a split day:



  • Handle incoming phone calls in a professional manner, direct inquiries to the appropriate parties and provide assistance as needed.

  • Respond promptly and courteously to email inquiries, ensuring accurate and helpful information is provided

  • Maintain organized records of communications, including phone call logs and email correspondence

  • Organize and maintain digital files and documents, ensuring easy accessibility and efficient retrieval.

  • Assist in note-taking during meetings and manage tasks to ensure timely completion of assignments

Afternoons/Evenings (Flexible hours):

  • Create media assets for Tik Tok, Instagram, and Facebook using footage taken by other staff and teachers

  • Work with the Media Director to create media campaigns and help direct the overall digital strategy

  • Assist in creating newsletters for our email audience

  • Edit and maintain other media assets as needed



$16.00 - $18.00 per hour depending on experience. After the first season with the organization we conduct employee reviews, where raises are a possible outcome.



The Rewilding School is a family owned business that seeks to build community. To that end, we offer the following benefits with different eligibility requirements:



  • Sick Leave: No matter how many hours a week you work, all employees accrue paid sick leave at a rate of 1 hour for every 30 hours worked (compliant with New York State law)


  • Retirement Pension: Rewilding School employees are eligible for the Rewilding School SEP IRA (Simplified Employee Pension) once they have worked with us for 1 year and received compensation of at least $650. This kind of retirement is a profit-sharing plan, meaning the business funds each employee’s pension with the same percentage. In good months, the business may contribute more. In lean months, less. Employees do not contribute to the SEP IRA.


How to Apply:

Please email your resume, the social media handles of any accounts you have managed, and the contact information for 3 references to with the subject line “Social Media and Administrative Assistant”.

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