It all started with a tree...


Actually, it was a couple of trees. As a kid growing up in Westchester, I played under my front yard trees every day after school; picking up sticks, reading in the shade, building chipmunk houses and exploring the mysteries of the natural world. 


I soon discovered the neighborhood lake with the best fishing anywhere. I caught bass, perch and bluegill by the dozens. I learned the limits of a slip-knot and learned a better way to hook a worm. I canoed and kayaked and found all the best blueberry patches. But my friends didn't grow up shooting arrows and carving sticks. Lots of kids (and even a few adults) have never eaten a wild blackberry and have never sat by a fire made with their own hands.

After attending college in Syracuse and deepening my scientific understanding and love of New York's nature, I traveled west to broaden my experiences. However, throughout my travels I realized what a gift we have here in the Hudson River Valley, and three years ago I returned home. Now I want to share what I've learned with my home, the beautiful Hudson River Valley. Come join us on a journey of reconnection to our land and each other.


Eric Stone