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Our programs are specially designed by experienced naturalists and primitive skills instructors to inspire, educate, and connect growing students with the natural world...and one another.

Critter Hunt!

Let's go outside for a good old fashioned critter hunt! We might be able to catch frogs, find salamanders, track raccoons, pick up earthworms to watch how they move, and use an insect net to catch grasshoppers and butterflies. There is no end to the discoveries we can make together!

Ages 4-8

Land Navigation

Here in the Northeast we are lucky to have so many wild places to explore.  Learn how to use a map and compass, find a trail, take and follow a bearing so you don't get lost and, if you do, how you can find your way back. 

Ages 8+

Open up your coyote ears and widen your owl eyes, it's time for an adventure in the dark!  The night is a magical time to fill in the pieces of nature we miss during the day, from the chorus of frogs to fungi that glow in the dark.  It's also a time where we often find the edges of our comfort and learn to push past them- it's the time when we find our truest selves. Astronomy section added upon request.

Ages 10+

Night Hike

Exploring the Land

The Art and Science of Wildlife Tracking

Ever wonder what is out there when people aren't around? Get ready to be surprised! Each track leaves a story, one that can be read only through careful observation and exciting discovery.

Ages 12+

Night Hike

Survival Skills

The Art of the Campfire

Fire can be your greatest friend, or your worst enemy. Learn how to start and safely keep a campfire made entirely of natural materials going, in even the worst weather. Must be done in an outdoor space. 


Ages 6+

Building a Shelter

What kid doesn't want to build forts out in the woods? Learn how an improvised shelter can keep you warm and dry, even in the worst rainstorms.  Get a chance to test your own designs, and discover the bounty of building materials that the forest provides.

Ages 6+

Knife Safety

A knife is a fantastic tool out in the woods.  It can help you make everything from a spatula to a tent peg, find dry wood in a rainstorm, and even prepare a meal at the end of the day.  Learn how to use a knife safely to perform a variety of camp chores.  This program is for responsible children.


Ages 8+

Primitive Crafts

Basket Weaving

What crafts did the first people do? Use plants to weave baskets, of course! Come learn how to weave baskets small and large, using invasive and native plants.


Ages 6+

Spoon Carving

Nothing beats turning a block of wild wood into a useful tool, and what more useful item is there than a spoon?  Exercise your creativity and resourcefulness in this 3-4 hour workshop.  Starting with a round of wild wood, use either steel or primitive techniques to carve a spoon of your own design.

Ages 14+

Nature Connection mentoring

For kids and adults who cannot get enough of the outside world and would like someone to guide them on their path of nature connection. These weekly outdoor sessions are custom designed for the mentoree and his/her capabilities and interests in mind.  


All Ages


Want more?

If you don't see what you are looking for, please head to our contact page and send us a message. 

We would be happy to hear from you and build a program from your ideas!

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