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Make Your Child's Next Birthday a Little Wild


Let us plan your young naturalist's next birthday party.  Parties can be either at your home or at Marsh Sanctuary in Mt. Kisco, New York.  


Updated COVID-19 procedures:

  • Group size is limited to 8 kids

  • Adults can't participate

  • Mask wearing is required

  • Laser thermometer temperatures will be taken


Price per hour: $120


Ages 8-14


For kids at any experience level. Learn how to practice shooting a bow and arrow at our very own archery range. Enjoy a fun backstory that goes along with the creative targets we make for you.

Stealth Games

Ages 7-12


Get down and dirty with a master camouflage lesson and learn the basics of stealth movement in the forest, through some epic awareness and camouflage games.

Wild Ecology

Ages 7-12

Spend the day at the pond. Ponding activities include fishing with natural poles and hooks, catching frogs, and observing the surrounding aquatic life.

Nature Art

Ages 7-12

Get inspired by the beauty of nature. Collect materials to create tools and art supplies from items found right in the forest. Put them to use and produce your very own natural work of art including rock paints, natural sculptures, or clay pottery.

Shelter Building and Survival Fire

Ages 7-12

Put your survival skills to the test. Learn the best way to build a shelter in the wilderness with natural materials, and start a fire by rubbing two sticks together, just like our ancestors used to.

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