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We are committed to providing safe, outdoor programs. Learn about our COVID policies here >


Ancestral skills, nature connection, and fun for adults and teens from the Black, Indigenous and People of Color communities


The Rewilding School is a nature connection organization that also teaches many ancestral skills. These skills have been stolen from their original instructors, and today their practice is often stigmatized or viewed as dangerous for folks of Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC) communities. Therefore we offer a Reparative Roots program for adults and teens of BIPOC communities to explore ancestral skills like foraging, fire making, shelter building, fishing, tracking, crafting, spoon carving, survival techniques, archery, and more.

We sincerely ask only people who identify as a member of Black, Indigenous, and People of Color communities to register for this reparative ancestral skills program. In order to build a cohesive community, registration is for the entire program and not individual dates. Activities for any specific date will depend on the weather and seasonal changes at the sites, but we will email the class at least one week in advance to let you know what the plan is for that specific date. Also, Reparative Roots program participants will be able to attend future adult Rewilding School workshops free of charge.

Roots  Fall 2021 (for Families)


Enjoy activities like -

  • Shelter & Fire

  • Campfire Cooking & Cordage

  • Bird Language & Archery

Roots  Winter 2021 (for Families)


Enjoy activities like -

  • Hide Tanning

  • Tracking or Ice Fishing

  • Maple Sugaring

Everyone is still required to bring a mask.

There will be some MASK ON activities still in our programs.

There will be other MASK OFF activities in our programs.

Read more about our COVID policies here


Class will occur in sunny or rainy weather. Class is cancelled only due to dangerous weather (temps below 20 F, lightning, high winds) or any COVID or health concerns. We have to strictly monitor class size due to COVID-19. Only registered participants will be allowed to attend these classes. If anyone has any questions or last-minute coordination concerns, they can email


We are committed to providing safe, outdoor programs. Learn about our COVID policies here >

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