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Archery Lessons

Whether you are just beginning your journey in the footsteps of Katniss or a seasoned yeoman looking to explore new techniques or improve your long range accuracy, a few session with our archery coach will be just the ticket!  


Lessons can be provided at your home, if there is appropriate space, or at our Range in Somers, New York.

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Youth Archery Series:

Sundays in October

Private Lessons and Events

Youth Archery Series
October 6th, 13th, 20th and 27th 
10am - 12pm

Archery is a sport that predates written history but still captures our imagination. We are inviting you to Rhinoceros Creek Reservation every Sunday in October for our Archery Youth Series. Introduce your child (ages 8-14) to archery to improve balance, strength and stability, or bring your young archery enthusiast to practice his/her shot.  In four, 2 hour sessions taught by certified archery coaches, you will learn the basics of how to shoot a bow and arrow, explore different styles of shooting, and dial in your accuracy to get a bulls-eye! The cost is $180 per person and the experience is priceless.


Private Events

Birthday parties, corporate events, even backyard barbecues, can all be improved by the presence of an archery range! If you are interested in including archery at a private event, please call us at