We are thrilled to have had our 2018 Summer at Angle Fly Preserve in Somers.  Registration for our 2019 programs will begin in late January so make sure to check your emails for announcements!

July 9-13. Grades 1 & 2

Way of the Woods

Taking the best experiences from all we have to offer, participants spend their days in the forest and fields catching frogs, building shelters, playing camouflage games and forging a deep connection with the world around them.  This is the perfect program both for kids who are just starting out on their outdoor discoveries and kids who rock muddy knees regularly.  $375

July 16-20. Grades 3 & 4

Stone Age Tinkerer

Become a stone-age engineer!  Our ancestors built everything they needed from what they found around them.  In this program, you will build shelters, stone tools, baskets, and (of course) campfires.  $375

July 23-27. Grades 5 & 6

Survival Games

For kids who just like to move and play!  This week's epic stealth games, tag, capture the flag and camouflage will fill your days with fun and build valuable skills in teamwork and problem-solving.  $375

July 30-Aug 3. Grades 7-9

Stewards Intensive

To truly become a steward of the environment, you must really get to know it. Participants dive deeper than any other program, learning to live off the land in a sustainable way. Our two weeks culminate in an overnight campout and night hike. Just as the land gives to us, we give back to the land in a community service project.  $375 

Aug 13-17. Grades 5-8

Scout Week

Have you ever wondered how to make yourself completely invisible to animals?  Scouts establish a base camp with a primitive shelter, learn to use materials from the land to craft tools like baskets, bow-drills, stone knives, and more. Participants will learn to disappear into the land and will use this skill in massive whole-camp stealth games.  $375

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