One-week sessions for ages 4-14 in Croton and Somers 

Registration opens Jan 21 for our new line-up of adventures in some of Westchester's wildest preserves!

For a sneak peek, scroll below.

Hunter Gatherers

Learn to live off the land the way our ancestors did! Gather food and medicine from the forest. Catch fish from the water and learn to build survival traps without harming any animals. Cook meals over an open fire, and build whatever you need from what you find in the woods. 

Magic Forest

Maybe your child is a fairy house architect...or a wizard on a quest...or a dragon hoarding pretty rocks! Let your child's imagination run wild in our fantasy-themed half-day program for kids age 4-5. 


Ahoy ye mateys! Join the crew of the infamous land-ship The Sandy Keel as you discover treasure maps, build pirate shanties, conduct secret raids and, of course, find treasure in this imaginative and immersive experience.  


Young children love to roam free! In this half-day program, kids age 4 and 5 explore forest, fields and wetlands. Skilled naturalists guide them to make useful tools out of sticks and stones, be safe around campfires, and forage for tasty treats. 

Stone-Age Tinkerers

Become a stone-age engineer! Our ancestors built everything they needed from what they found around them. In this program, you will use unique materials found in nature to build shelters, stone tools, baskets, and, of course, campfires.

Adventurers Academy

Every young adventurer starts somewhere! Our academy is geared to those who wish to learn the arts of magic, storytelling, fighting, evading, sneaking, and a host of other skills for bards, sorcerers and rangers. This program is heavy in fantasy storytelling, and kids are encouraged to create at least one character they can play through various quests and challenges. 

School of Woodland Wizardry

Join the professors of the Mugwort School of Woodland Wizardry in studying the secrets of the forest! Make your own wand out of powerful woods. Unlock magical plants and use them to make powerful potions. Defend yourself against evil with stealth and concealment. Join your clan and compete for the coveted woodland cup. 

Zombie Survival

Follow a quest for a vaccine against the zombie virus in this week-long, story-driven camp focused on stealth, defense, living off the land, and wilderness medicine.

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