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We are now looking for creative and passionate individuals to build our Rewilding School family.

Kids need dirt time. Imagine your lesson plans driven by your students’ interests, not by a rigid curriculum. Imagine that you are able to support kids through challenging times and help them grow as human beings. Imagine that your school has no screens, no pens, no paper, that your school isn’t a school at all- but instead school is the streams, fields, and forests of our local outdoor places.

Open positions

Summer Outdoor Educator

We are looking for passionate educators for our Summer Program in Croton and Mount Kisco. Working with Kids age 5-12, our teachers allow kids to safely explore the natural world on their own terms and build deep connections that last a lifetime. Travel between locations may be required. We are looking for someone who is prepared to work starting June 27, as a Junior/Senior Educator at $19-$20 an hour.

Full time (M-F, 8-4:30pm) or Part Time (M-F 8-12:30pm) positions available

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Archery Instructor

Share your love for archery with others by working as an instructor with The Rewilding
School. Archery instructors work with kids and adults in a number of outdoor settings including clients’ homes, outdoor archery ranges, and private land sites. Instructors are expected to be experts in their field and share their passion for the sport in creative and safe ways for group archery classes, kids’ birthday parties, and private lessons. 


To apply for any of these positions, email us at

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Our Employment Practices

The Rewilding School is a small family business that aims for full transparency and open communication. We are moving towards a Co-Op model, with the Site Supervisors and Directors sitting on the Board. As we constantly strive for progressive employment practices and transparency, here are our benefits:

  • Salaries - starting Summer 2022: 

    • Directors - $22 an hour. Makes executive decisions, coordinates with parents and clients, create programs.

    • Site Supervisors - $21-22 an hour. Independently manages a site including maintenance and supplies.

    • Senior Educators - $20 an hour. Can independently teach any Rewilding School program.

    • Junior Educators - $19-19.50 an hour. Can develop lesson plans and teach alongside a Senior Educator or Site Supervisor.

    • Apprentice Educators - $16-17 an hour. Co-teaches alongside a Junior Educator, Senior Educator, or Site Supervisor.  

  • Health insurance: Available to any year round employee who works on average more than 25 hours a week with us. The Rewilding School covers 60% of the monthly premium.

  • Sick leave: All employees accrue 1 hour of sick leave for every 30 hours worked.

  • Retirement: The Rewilding School has a pension 401k plan, meaning the organization fully funds this at no cost to the employee. All staff are eligible for this plan once they have worked one year with us and then earn at least $600 with us. All employees receive the same percentage of their salary as a contribution to their pension. If it's a good year, the employee may receive 25% of their salary as a contribution. If it's a leaner year, the employee may receive 1% of their salary as a contribution.

  • Employee Discounts: The Rewilding School offers competitive employee discounts for themselves, friends or family to attend our programs on a sliding scale based on how many hours a week you are scheduled to work with us