Eric & Megan finding local wild arrowhead tubers, which can be stomped and boiled for a good starchy meal!


Founder / Wild Foods Taste Tester


Eric graduated from SUNY Environmental Science magna cum laude with a B.S. in Natural History and Interpretation and minors in Environmental Writing and Rhetoric and Recreation Resources Management. 


Prior to founding The Rewilding School, Eric taught environmental summer camps in New York, residential outdoor education in California, primitive skills in Oregon, and teambuilding in Massachusetts and right here in Westchester. He also founded and directed the Muscoot Naturalist Summer Camp. When not out in the woods Eric enjoys cooking, swing dancing, and trying not to buy everything in used bookstores. 

You can see more about Eric at his Linked In account.


Manager / Get it done'r!

Megan graduated from Emory University with a B.S. in Anthropology & Human Biology and a minor in Global Health.  She also has a MPH in Emergency Management from Tel Aviv University.


As a Peace Corps Volunteer in Benin, West Africa, she served as a rural community health coordinator. Throughout her other experiences she has worked with homeless populations, disenfranchised refugees, and veteran advocacy groups. Most recently she was an emergency manager with FEMA.

Throughout her many travels and involvement in different communities, Megan discovered a deep passion for learning from different walks of life, and building bridges between communities to grow our shared commonalities. More recently, Megan's also discovered a passion for moss and herbalism.


Outdoor Educator - Preschool / Homeschool


Jessie is pursuing her dream to combine her love of nature with her enthusiasm for teaching. She aspires to become an Outdoor Educator and Naturalist specializing in Ethnobotany and Wildlife Biology (otherwise known as the Plants & Animals Nature Teacher).

You'll rarely find a camera on her face rather than in her hands.


The Archery Guy 


Gary grew up in the Bronx and ended up in Yonkers where his outdoor experience began. His neighbor taught him how to shoot a shotgun and handle hunting dogs. Those experiences got him into archery, fishing, camping, and hiking.


Gary teaches our traditional archery program and guides both young and old archers into this wonderful sport. Along with archery, his other interests include fishing, hiking, and camping.  You’re just as likely to see him on one of our campouts as on our range.  As he slows down he’s looking forward to more fly fishing. Even if there's not a bite, he gets to enjoy the outdoors.


Preschool Educator

Haley graduated from Florida Gulf Coast University with a degree in Secondary Education. She has taught all ages from 2 to 92 as a science push-in, a naturalist bringing animals to schools, an outdoor educator, a summer camp nature specialist and leader, and a volunteer babywearing educator.


Haley has twin boys who she takes hiking as much as possible. Haley tries to teach her sons about the world around them and instill a long-lasting love of nature. She has also gotten hundreds of families to join them hiking and enjoying nature throughout the Hudson Valley. Haley is excited to be a part of the new Rewilding Forest Preschool and bring her skill set to more children and families.


Outdoor Educator - Preschool


Anna is a 2019 graduate of the University of Vermont Rubenstein School of the Environment. Her studies consisted of parks and recreation, ecology, ecosystem management, outdoor education, and environmental assessment. In college, Anna spent a summer living and working in Acadia National Park in Maine. She also volunteered with Birding for Change, an after-school program that allowed fifth graders to explore natural areas and learn about birds while connecting with nature. Since graduating, Anna has worked as an outdoor educator at Audubon CT and as a preschool teacher. In her free time, Anna enjoys hiking, wildlife photography and birding in nearby state parks.


Outdoor Educator - Homeschool / Wildlings

Ryan has been an Environmental Educator since 2009, teaching diverse curriculum such as Renewable Energy Technology in Maine Classrooms to Orienteering in the Poconos. One of Ryan's first jobs out of college was an SCA internship based in Stonykill Farm. Ten years later and he has come back to the Hudson Valley. Ryan strongly adheres to a jack-of-all-trades mindset, with hobbies such as bushcraft camping and gear making, live action wargaming, leatherworking, historical methods of cooking and fire making, cat petting, beer brewing, film collecting, and much, much more.


Outdoor Educator - Preschool


Moss is an outdoor educator who specializes in teaching natural history and outdoor skills through stories, games, and citizen science. Over ten years of teaching in the field, her most rewarding experiences have been with young people across a spectrum of neurodiversity and learning disabilities. She is currently training her Flemish Giant rabbit Winter for certification as a therapy animal, and reading her way through Terry Pratchett’s Discworld series. Her favorite activities include kayaking, wildcrafting pigments from plants, collaborative tabletop storytelling, and coaxing her friends into reading Lord of the Rings.


Outdoor Educator - Homeschool / Archery


Tommy graduated from SUNY Potsdam with a B.S. in Geology. Upon gradation, he served two years with the Student Conservation Association, partnered with AmeriCorps, as an Outdoor Educator. Growing up in the Hudson Valley has led Tommy to pursue sharing the “Great Outdoors” with everyone he meets. When he’s not in the woods, Tommy can be found working as an EMT, while also studying to become a paramedic. For fun he plays board games and goes long distance backpacking. Tommy also works on a Search and Rescue team as a Wilderness EMT/Navigator. He also volunteers his time as a Wildland Firefighter for the Albany Pinebush Preserve.


Outdoor Educator - Homeschool / Wildlings


Cathy grew up in Westchester County and is currently raising her own family here. An avid hiker, Cathy loves nothing more than to explore many of the local and Hudson Valley trails with her two dogs. When the opportunity arises to travel further and climb a high peak, she jumps on it. Cathy has very recently been certified as a Kripalu Mindful Outdoor Guide- and truly enjoys sharing the wonder of the natural world with others. She is currently honing her fire building and bird identification skills. A former children's television producer, Cathy has always been amazed and inspired by children's imaginations. She is grateful to be able to combine her love for the outdoors with her passion for being with children.

Cindy O.

Outdoor Educator - Homeschool


Cindy grew up loving the outdoors and exploring the Appalachian Trail with her mother. She exited the entertainment corporate world 10 years ago to pursue a love of connecting others with the natural world. She is environmental educator, mindful outdoor guide, forest bathing guide, meditation teacher and a mom to 2 wonderfully wild boys. She loves crafting Ayurvedic teas and sharing them with others in the forest. She is learning how to be a better steward for the planet every day. Cindy is a lover of learning about the human and non-human world. She also is a fan of good film, music, theatre and art.




We are so honored to have Lynn join our Rewilding family! Lynn is a Nature-Based Mentor and Certified Life Coach. She’s also a climate advocate, ceremonial facilitator, naturalist, biologist, passionate gardener, and Mom. You can find out more about her here. Lynn now supports parents, educators and other helpers find peace and purpose through nature, ceremony, and advocacy.  With the Rewilding School, Lynn teaches private nature connection programs for both kids and adults.

Cindy F.Y.

Graphic Design

As a child, Cindy loved to climb trees and explore new trails in the woods. This love of nature stayed with her into adulthood and brought her to The Rewilding School, first as a parent and then as part of the team. Her studies in ancient literature led eventually to various projects in visual media, which she began taking more seriously as a freelance designer and has hardly ever looked back. When she is not spending time with her family these days, she is only too happy to devote her attention to matters of font and color.

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