Eric - he/him

Founder / Wild Foods Taste Tester

Program Director / NYS DEC Guide / Archery Coach


Eric is the Program Director for The Rewilding School. He develops our programs, trains staff, and much, much more.


Eric graduated from SUNY Environmental Science magna cum laude with a B.S. in Natural History and Interpretation and minors in Environmental Writing and Rhetoric and Recreation Resources Management. 


Prior to founding The Rewilding School in 2016, Eric had a decade of teaching environmental summer camps in New York, residential outdoor education in California, ancestral skills in Oregon, and teambuilding in Massachusetts and right here in Westchester. He also founded and directed the Muscoot Naturalist Summer Camp. When not out in the woods Eric enjoys cooking, swing dancing, and trying not to buy everything in used bookstores. 

You can see more about Eric at his Linked In account.

Megan - they/she/them/her

Administrative Director / Get it done'r!

Megan is the person who gets it done from behind the scenes. They multi-task to make sure our staff, land partners, and participants are all taken care of.


Megan graduated with a MPH in Emergency and Disaster Management from Tel Aviv University, and a Bsc in Anthropology & Human Biology from Emory University. Before joining The Rewilding School full time, they worked with government and non-government organizations in the global health and emergency management fields. Megan enjoys exploring new places, learning, making art, and sci-fi and fantasy books and movies.


Along with Eric, they are gradually making a small, quaint home in the Lower Hudson Valley with (hopefully) a very productive and tasty garden.


Our Naturalists

Jessie - she/her

Outdoor Educator - Site Supervisor


Jessie started her naturalist passions as a camper and CIT in some of Eric's outdoor education programs, and then when we started The Rewilding School in 2017 she joined us as an instructor. Along with Program Director Eric, she has spearheaded most of The Rewilding School programs. Jessie is pursuing her dream to combine her love of nature with her enthusiasm for teaching. She aspires to become an Outdoor Educator and Naturalist specializing in Ethnobotany and Wildlife Biology (otherwise known as the Plants & Animals Nature Teacher). You'll rarely find a camera on her face rather than in her hands.

Screen Shot 2021-01-18 at 9.25.08 PM.png

Ryan - he/him

Outdoor Educator - Site Supervisor

Ryan joined The Rewilding School in Fall 2020, but he has been an Environmental Educator since 2009. He has taught diverse curriculum such as Renewable Energy Technology in Maine Classrooms to Orienteering in the Poconos. One of Ryan's first jobs out of college was an SCA internship based in Stonykill Farm. Ten years later and he has come back to the Hudson Valley. Ryan strongly adheres to a jack-of-all-trades mindset, with hobbies such as bushcraft camping and gear making, live action wargaming, leatherworking, historical methods of cooking and fire making, cat petting, beer brewing, film collecting, and much, much more.


Mark - he/him

Outdoor Educator - Preschool / Summer

Mark joined The Rewilding School in Spring 2021, after seven years of experience in outdoor education. He is a graduate of Stony Brook University, and has also earned an Associate's Degree in Natural Sciences at Mesalands Community College in sunny Tucumcari, New Mexico. Out west, Mark used to dig up fossils and help prepare them for display or study at the local paleontology museum. (Ask him about dinosaurs sometime). His other passions include campouts, freelance writing, Italian eateries, old monster movies, and the world of theater.


Archery Instructors

Screen Shot 2019-01-26 at 12.57.40

Gary - he/him

The Archery Guy 


Gary began meeting and working with Eric around 2017, and officially joined The Rewilding School in 2019. He grew up in the Bronx and ended up in Yonkers where his outdoor experience began. His neighbor taught him how to shoot a shotgun and handle hunting dogs. Those experiences got him into archery, fishing, camping, and hiking.


Gary teaches our traditional archery program and guides both young and old archers into this wonderful sport. Along with archery, his other interests include fishing, hiking, and camping.  You’re just as likely to see him on one of our campouts as on our range.  As he slows down he’s looking forward to more fly fishing. Even if there's not a bite, he gets to enjoy the outdoors.


Admin Team


Devyn - she/her

Administrative Assistant

Devyn joined The Rewilding School in Spring 2021. She helps make sure that our staff and participants are all taken care of, and is a critical piece of the administrative behind the scenes work that we do. Devyn earned her associates degree studying English at Florida Atlantic University. In 2019, she decided to leave the swamps and beaches of Florida and head towards the mountains of Colorado. Now back in Florida she is currently working towards her Bachelors Degree in Professional Writing at Southern New Hampshire University. When you can't find her in the office, you can be sure to catch her kayaking, camping, or hiking.