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School Break Camps


President's Week + Spring Break Week


Explore the best in wilderness skills through tracking, wildcrafting, fire making, and shelter building, all while playing fun outdoor games!

Our School Break Camps are all about kids having fun outdoors, year-round! Take advantage of the school breaks to enjoy all the forest has to offer through the seasons with access to fire making, shelter building, cooking and more! It's a great way to keep your children learning while taking advantage of the outdoors.



Spring Break Registration

Mt. Kisco
Spring Break

9am - 3pm

Monday - Friday, April 1-5

Grades K-2, and Grades 3-6

Croton Point Park
Spring Break

9am - 3pm

Monday - Friday, April 1-5

Grades K-2, and Grades 3-6


Registration is non-refundable.


Packing List Before the start of the program, we send an email to all participants with the packing list and arrival instructions. 


How we enjoy the cold The packing list will include what is the best material and clothing to have your child wear at camp to avoid feeling uncomfortable and cold.  As long as these lists are followed, there won't be a problem with temperature regulation. We also often have campfires as part of our programming, especially in the winter season. Another tool our teachers use to keep kids warm is to do running around outdoor games when they notice the kids may start to get cold. This really pumps up the blood and helps keep kids warm! 

COVID Safety Mask wearing is optional, unless you are exhibiting symptoms of COVID-19 or have been directly exposed to someone who has tested positive. Read more about our COVID policies here.


Weather Safety Class will occur in sunny or rainy weather. Class is cancelled only due to dangerous weather (temps below 20 F, lightning, high winds) or any COVID or health concerns. We offer a 50% credit for the cancelled day that can be used for any future registration with us.

If anyone has any additional questions, please email

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