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We teach on the un-ceded and traditional homelands of both the Lenni Lenape and Wappinger peoples.  As we work on these lands, we acknowledge the historical and continuing injustices that have forcibly excluded these people from their lands.  We also acknowledge that colonialism and systemic injustices have given our organization and leadership unequal privilege to access these lands and the knowledge and skills we teach.  These systemic injustices are not just in the past, but also continue to happen today for peoples of Indigenous, Black, Hispanic/Latine, and Asian descent.


The Rewilding School is committed to reparative actions that build true community around connection to the land for all people, especially those harmed by settler-colonialism. For starters, this includes our Reparative Roots program. We also strive for seasonal free community give back days, and work together with land management organizations for conservation actions that look to protect these lands. We know that these actions are just drops in a very deep bucket, and we are always looking to improve our actions and how we exist in these shared spaces.


For more information about the reparative actions our organization does, or for any comments or feedback you would like to share about how we can further improve, please email us at

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