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Scouts Programs


The Rewilding School is happy to work with local scout troops, whether you'd like us to help your troop with instruction to earn a specific badge or just have fun learning new outdoors skills and crafts! While our expert educators are not merit badge counselors they are able to provide instruction which troop leaders are then able to apply for participant badge requirements. 

Scroll below to view our range of activities and full program details.

We are committed to providing safe outdoor programs. Learn about our COVID policies here >

BADGE PROGRAMS - Instruction Only 



Learn how to demonstrate a deep understanding and appreciation for the natural world. This Nature program encourages scouts to explore and learn about various aspects of nature, including plants, animals, ecosystems, and environmental conservation. By earning this badge, scouts develop important skills such as observation, identification, and stewardship.



 Our Hiking program is designed for young individuals who have a passion for exploring the great outdoors and developing essential skills related to hiking and outdoor activities. Aiming to instill a love for nature, promote physical fitness, and foster self-reliance among participants.



Fishing aims to provide scouts with the necessary skills, knowledge, and appreciation for fishing as a recreational activity, while also promoting environmental stewardship and conservation practices. This program offers a unique opportunity for scouts to develop their outdoor skills, learn about aquatic ecosystems, and foster a deeper connection with nature.



Archery is a popular and ancient sport that involves using a bow to shoot arrows at a target. It requires focus, precision, and discipline, making it an excellent activity for scouts to learn and practice. Archery has been practiced for thousands of years and has evolved from a hunting technique to a competitive sport and recreational activity.

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Leather making is a valuable skill that can be taught to scouts as part of their scouting experience. It involves the process of transforming raw animal hides into durable and versatile leather materials. This skill not only provides scouts with a hands-on learning opportunity but also allows them to develop important life skills such as patience, creativity, and problem-solving.



Safely and responsibly engage in the art of whittling, which involves carving wood with a knife. This instruction ensures that Scouts have acquired the necessary skills and knowledge to handle knives safely, promoting a culture of safety and responsibility within the scouting community.

Location  Programs run at our sites at Marsh Sanctuary in Mt Kisco and Rhinoceros Creek Preserve in Somers. If you would like to have a program at your troop lodge or private residence, please reach out for specifics.

Pricing Please contact us for our latest pricing.  Scouts receive a 5% discount off their programs 2 hour programs.

COVID Full details on our COVID protocols are available here.

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