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Birthday Parties

Your child deserves a celebration they'll always remember. Our educators work hard to make every birthday special, creating an environment of excitement and education that you won't find anywhere else.


A birthday celebration has to be exciting, fun, and full of memories. This is exactly what we provide at the Rewilding School. Our birthday programs have one of three exciting themes detailed below, and feature a mixture of games and activities that will excite and educate the children and parents that are present. Every party comes with a fire, wherein we'll teach methods of building and enjoy roasting tasty treats you bring from home. All of these programs take place in the beautiful Marsh Sanctuary, which boasts a pond, acres of forest, and a large field perfect for games and food. Below, we'll outline the options you can choose from with your child, and the sort of things you can expect at each.

Note: All parties larger than 22 will be three hour programs, and will require two themes selected.

Our Themes

Critter Hunt

Our critter hunt allows kids of all ages to explore the field and forest on the lookout for all sorts of creatures that inhabit the Marsh Sanctuary. From finding the bugs in the dirt to learning about the insects in the air, the Critter Hunt is a great option for younger kids and those excited to learn about animals and anatomy.

Shelter Building

Our educators are expert shelter builders, and will lead the group in knot tying, using natural tools to their advantage, and creating different types of shelters that can be built in backyards and wooded properties everywhere.

Archery (8+)

There are few skills more interesting to learn than Archery. It is an ancient endeavor that teaches focus, bodily awareness, and most of all--it looks really cool. One of our certified Archery instructors will provide a dynamic and involved approach that works at all skill levels.

Animal Tracking
(Winter Only)

In the dead of Winter, it can be hard to find exciting things to do outside. And yet, the forests are full of life to be discovered. Our educators help the kids to spot and identify tracks, follow them, and learn about how our local wildlife survives in the cold of winter.

Ready to book your party? Reach out to us via email with desired dates, age range, and group size and we'll get you set up with the perfect booking!

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