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Click these links to view PDF versions of our cancellation, messaging and weather policies.

Our COVID Policies

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COVID-19 Protocols Update

For all programs, masks and COVID vaccination are optional.  Masks may be required in case of exposure.  See below for more details.

If a participating child tests positive for COVID

Their summer group will move to mandatory mask wearing for 5 days.

The positive child would be required to stay home

for 5 days (test day is day 0).

The positive child can return to programs if they wear a mask

for days 6-10 after testing positive.

Attendance Definitions:

EXPOSURE: Exposure means that your child was within 6 feet of another person for 15 minutes or more who tested positive, regardless of mask wearing or vaccination status. This also includes any member of the household was exposed to someone who tested positive for COVID-19.

SYMPTOMS: Symptoms for COVID include shortness of breath, coughing, fever, and loss of taste/smell.  If a participant is symptomatic, we ask that they stay home and take a COVID test.

Cancellation Procedures

If a program has a student who has tested positive, the group that child was in would require mask wearing for 5 days. If three or more children test positive out of a group, the program will be canceled for 5 days and program credits will be issued for the missed classes.  No refunds will be issued.


If any member of the household begins to show symptoms, was exposed, or have a positive COVID-19 test within 5 days of last attending a Rewilding School program, please alert us immediately.


This alert can be done via email to or phone call to 914-306-5120

If a Rewilding School Program needs to be shut down or canceled, all parents of a cancelled or shut down program will be notified via Email and text message.


As per our registration policy, no refunds are issued. The Rewilding School will issue program credit for any classes we cancel, applicable for any future Rewilding School program, without expiration.  We will not issue credits for missed classes due to illness.

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