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Experience the forest on another level as we explore wilderness skills over the weekend!


Our Hunter Gatherer Weekend series runs on Saturday afternoons from 1-4pm this fall, winter, and spring offering kids a chance to dig deep into skills such as fire making, shelter building, foraging, tracking animals...all while playing lots of outdoor games, making friends and exploring Marsh Sanctuary together. This program is offered for two age groups, for grades K-2 and 3-6.

For Hunter Gatherers, COVID Vaccination is required, mask wearing will be optional.

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Vaccination records will be required to submit before the program begins

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 Explore the best of spring wilderness skills and crafts including shelters, fires, plants and animals and ancestral crafts. 


Grades K-6

Marsh Sanctuary, Mt Kisco.

Hunter Gatherers  May 7-June 18

Class will occur in sunny or rainy weather. Class is cancelled only due to dangerous weather (temps below 20 F, lightning, high winds) or any COVID or health concerns. We have to strictly monitor class size due to COVID-19. Only registered participants will be allowed to attend these classes. If anyone has any questions or last-minute coordination concerns, they can email info@rewildingschool.com

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