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In the Rewilding Forest Preschool, children learn and grow through story-based imaginative learning, multi-sensory exploration, and age-appropriate social development. Through immersive exposure to the natural world, students foster connections to the land, each other, and themselves that form the building blocks for a lifetime of learning.

Kids need to splash in puddles, crawl through bushes, shoot bows, pick up sticks, listen to birds, catch bugs, play in the snow, and dig for worms.


climb  •  explore  •   collaborate  •  fish  •  play  •   build  •   experiment  •  touch  •  taste   •    discover  •  compare  •  tell stories  •  create stories  •  make friends

Program Overview


The Rewilding Forest Preschool meets in an afternoon sessions for 4 and 5 year olds, from 1-3:45 pm, Monday through Thursday. We are incredibly fortunate to be learning and growing at Saw Mill River Audubon’s Brinton Brook Sanctuary in Croton-on-Hudson. This beautiful 156-acre preserve has meadows, streams, deep woods, and a pond to explore throughout the seasons. 


If you are looking for an all-outdoor setting for your preschooler to explore their imagination and build connections that last a lifetime, we invite you to reach out and see if the Rewilding Forest Preschool is right for your child!