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The forest is full of lessons that classrooms cannot effectively teach. The mind of a child is not built for the deeply abstract and theoretical; they thrive in spaces of play and learn best when they have the ability to interact with the lessons they're learning. Our view of children and education has changed--why haven't our classrooms?


Archery is an age old skill, with roots all over the planet. The ancient practice is still helping us today, keeping us in touch with our bodies and minds. At the Rewilding School, archery isn't just a skill to be conquered. It's an opportunity to build a stronger community. So, how can Archery help you and your child bond in new ways?

Featured Articles


Patch wrote up an article that covers the overarching goals of our school and others like ours. More and more, parents are finding it difficult to run their children through the gauntlet of the current education system. What are our options? What is the future of preschool?


This round up is a great look at all the variety of things the Rewilding School has to offer. We've come a long way since the article was originally posted, but it's great to look it where we were then, and where we are now. If you haven't had heard Eric talk about the why and how of RWS, this Q and A is perfect for you!


The first few winters can be hard as families try to figure out how to interact with the outdoors in the coldest months. The best thing you can do is understand the realities of the season and allow your child to explore their own boundaries within your sight. This article is full of key insights that our educators have gleaned in their years of keeping children safe and happy in the winter while outdoors.

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