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We've teamed up with Macaroni Kid to release a series of articles that highlights our views and offerings at the Rewilding School. MacKid is a great resource for all parents that we love. They're a national brand that is run by local parents to bring relevant content to the happenings in Westchester, as well as larger family trends that are important to be aware of.

Check out their website here, and keep coming back to this page to see what we release with them!

Macaroni Kid Article Series




This MacKid spotlight features what a day at our Family Archery looks like, from educator Gary's lessons and history tangents to the bonding that can form whilst overcoming the challenges of learning a new skill. There's still spots, so sign up here!


The forest is full of lessons that classrooms cannot effectively teach. The mind of a child is not built for the deeply abstract and theoretical; they thrive in spaces of play and learn best when they have the ability to interact with the lessons they're learning. Our view of children and education has changed--why haven't our classrooms?

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