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Stone Drilled Necklaces at the Chappaqua's Farmer's Market

What a beautiful day it was! Sunny and cool- the perfect entryway into Autumn.

We quickly set up our table of Natural World goodies- (deer hide and antlers, flint, quartzite and other stones, woven baskets, and a few guidebooks on the natural world) and immediately had the first kids of the day come make some beautiful stone drilled necklaces!

It can be a little tricky to start drilling into stone, so we learned the value of teamwork pretty fast. Taking turns, helping each other adjust the pithy stick that served as our drill, we were able to make beautiful necklaces together. We even had one family of four brothers all help each other out, so from the oldest to the youngest, each was able to walk away with a beautiful creation. Teamwork, brotherly love- this is what community is all about :)

And it was great meeting the families- so many people interested and looking for more opportunities to engage with the natural world. We can't wait to help them bridge this gap!

Special thanks to Nancy for coordinating with the Chappaqua Farmers Market, and to the Farmer's Market for opening the door for us to this wonderful community!


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