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Day Hike Summer Packing List

Packing List for Day Hikes


-Comfortable (and broken in) hiking shoes

-Clothing for the weather through the day - pack a waterproof layer and an extra fleece or light jacket

-Two pairs of wool-blend socks – one on your feet and one in your pack. Swap if feet get wet or sweat.

-Water – one quarts/liters, more if really warm out or traveling more than a few miles

-Backpack with padded straps and waist belt (25L is a great size)

-First Aid Kit – REI has a good one for hikers than runs $20-$30

-Headlamp or Small Flashlight with fresh batteries

-Small multi-tool or pocketknife

-Paper map of the park you're exploring

With Young kids:

-Snacks on snacks on snacks

-A special water bottle

-Rainboots (for puddles) and extra socks

-Sunscreen and brimmed hat

-Blanket or small tarp to sit and snack on

-A small treasure bag for them to gather a special rock or feather.

With Older kids who like to hike ahead:

-Their own backpack (school bag works fine)

-Water bottle

-Whistle to wear around their neck

-Two-way radios

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